Are You Ready To Quickly and Easily Potty Train Your Toddler In 30 Days or Less?

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Within 30 Days of following my system, you can add a guarantee to parents that their child will be out of pull-ups and into underwear and panties. Compiled into one book is Andrea’s proven solution that has helped hundreds of toddlers conquer and soar!

Learn How to Guide Parents with Potty Training Wisdom such as:

  • Understanding Potty Training Routines  
  • Recommended Water and Food Intake
  • What To Do When Toddlers Digress
  • ​How To Understand Toddler Communications


Understanding The Habits of Toddlers

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This system can be taught in your childcare business and provided to your parents as a gift or as a resource.

It’s nothing like the potty books that’s out on the market, Why? Because The Potty Helper is a SYSTEM.

You can retail this book for up to twice as much as you’ve paid for it.

It’s one of the best selling books that Andrea has produced.
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This audio will explain how to:
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  • How to quickly sell your books to parents
  • How to offer them to your client..
With Andrea’s background as an Early Childhood Specialist and ECE Curriculum Specialist, you can follow each step of The Potty Helper with clarity and was.

Trust me when I tell you, you’re going to see how quick and easy potty training can be with The Potty Helper.


“My potty training experience has been a breeze thanks to Mrs. Dickerson. Before I spoke with her I was so overwhelmed with getting my two year old potty trained. There were so many things that I didn’t know about potty training but thanks to her help and training my son is on the road to success, I have not had to buy pull ups or diapers in weeks. It feels great to hear my son say “mommy I have to potty. Thanks Mrs. Dickerson!”

 ~ Syreeta Murphy

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